Senior High (9th-12th)

At Wesley, Senior High Ministries cover 9th-12th grade. Our Senior High group gets do lots of exciting things as they really dive into what it means to be a Christian.
Our Senior High meets on Sunday evenings the first two Sunday’s of the month at the church from 6-8:00 p.m.
1st Sunday they have the opportunity to meet together for dinner, devotion, fellowship, and games.
2nd Sunday they love being in a leadership role with the Amplify (5th-6th graders) and also have some time to have their own lesson & discussion.
3rd Sunday there are no evening youth activities
4th Sunday of the month we meet at 12 p.m. to go out to lunch together after church.
There are also lots of other activities for Senior High with the youth youth group such as service opportunities (Appalachian Service Project, Family Promise, Second Harvest Food Bank, The Melting Pot), trips like Resurrection, Camping Trip, Mission Trip, and many more fun outings and activities. See the monthly church newsletter or Jane for what’s happening with the youth.